Thursday, June 19, 2008

Critical alert for all women: Statins during pregnancy

Someone must have sent out a press release, because there was no new study... or any study at all to support the sudden appearance of this public health message... yet, news outlets across the UK and around the world all reported this story, all on the same day.

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Also, have a read of what Sandy has to say about the recent "Sumo" baby scare.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What Not To Crochet

As a small hint…
When your Dacshund is ashamed to be seen with you,
you may have overdone it.

This blog is brilliant! Every page contains something that is just jaw-droppingly terrible.

Want to look like a doily? Of course you do! So why not also get the Musical Birdhouse & Flower Doily? No reason not to.

Crocheted Y-fronts or G-strings? Tampon cozies? A wall of crocheted penises? (Though apparently that one was "art".)

And there's fashion a plenty for the young or the young at heart!

How about a squid to wear around your neck?

You may as well check out Extreme Craft while you are at it. See "Death and Taxidermy."

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Welcome to the petrol prices warmenists demanded

Andrew Bolt - The global-warming-preaching Sunday Age now deplores the high petrol prices it’s always wanted: MOTORISTS face petrol prices of up to $1.70 a litre within days and could be paying more than $1.80 a litre by next month...

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