Thursday, July 3, 2008

Turkeys voting for Christmas

That's the mad world we're living in.

But before we get to the insane plans to destroy the Australian economy for no good reason, here's the latest psychiatric illness that has been diagnosed (I kid you not):

In the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, Joshua Wolf and Robert Salo of Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital write:

We describe a patient with climate change delusion, a previously unreported phenomenon. A 17-year-old man was referred to the inpatient psychiatric unit at Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne with an 8 month history of depressed mood… He also ...had visions of apocalyptic events…

The patient had also developed the belief that, due to climate change, his own water consumption could lead within days to the deaths of ‘millions of people’ through exhaustion of water supplies. He quoted ‘internet research’ to substantiate this. The
patient described that ‘I feel guilty about it’, had attempted to stop drinking… He was unable to acknowledge that the belief was unreasonable when challenged.

Hmm, "unable to acknowledge that the belief was unreasonable when challenged." Sounds like the perfect Greens candidate.

But onwards, things get crazier! Despite there being no global warming for a decade now (sorry folks, but that's what all four global temperature data sets say), and indeed a sharp drop in average global temperature over the past 18 months (don't believe me? That's what all the data sets have recorded), we're setting out on a course to drive up the cost of just about everything and damage our international competitiveness to supposedly "lead" the fight on climate change.

What naive suckers we'd have to be to fall for this nonsense.

Even if you shut down Australia completely tomorrow - got rid of everybody and everything - the total reduction in global anthropogenic greenhouse gasses would be at most only 1.5%.

That's all.

To put this into even sharper perspective, the world's production of such gasses is expected to grow by a whopping 50% by 2030, and China alone in 2050 will be producing as much emissions as the entire world does today.

Then there's India.

There's a whole world of pointless and futile economic pain being planned for us, which of course will hit the most vulnerable hardest. And the penny is starting to drop I think, as Andrew Bolt observes:

I suspect the coal-mining members of the Left-wing CFMEU are finally figuring that the global-warming preachers leading their union are just turkeys voting for Christmas:

There was no division in Gippsland when it came to the electoral booths affected by brown-coal mining - that is the dirtiest coal - because they all voted against Labor, including traditional ALP booths.

But what about all those lovely "green" jobs we've been promised? Don't hold your breath. Have a look at what's happening in the UK and be very sceptical the next time some snake-oil merchant says "renewable energy" to you:

Wind power would be too unreliable to meet Britain’s electricity needs, according to a new report… It comes after the Government last week unveiled a £100 million plan to build at least 4,000 wind turbines, with a further 3,000 offshore. The programme is expected to drive household bills up by £260 a year…

Using wind data from the Met Office, researchers found that in January, when energy demand is highest, wind farms often fail to produce enough electricity, dropping on occasion to 4 per cent of their maximum output. Backup fossil fuel plants would need to be switched on and off to make up the shortfall in supplies - a highly inefficient process that would reduce any carbon savings from wind farms....

In January 2005, ... a 1,000MW fossil fuel plant would have had to come on and offline a total of 23 times to make up the shortfall. At 6pm on February 2 2006 - the point of peak electricity demand for the whole year - wind farms would have been unable to provide any power at all, researchers found.

I'll let Andrew have the last word: The lunatics are in charge.

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