Friday, August 3, 2007

Cold water over bleached reef

When warm seas bleach the Great Barrier Reef, it’s easy to blame our favorite bogeyman - global warming. But who to blame when the bleaching is caused not by warm seas but cold?

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(Sigh heavily)

Just in case some of you think that I exaggerate when I complain about how the media distorts, hypes and spins stories, this latest coral bleaching one is a case in point.'s Breaking News section has the story with this headline:

Reef ruined by record cold snap

Ruined? That's pretty serious, isn't it?

But what do you get when you click on the link to the actual article?

The much more sober heading of "Coral bleaching as record cold snap hits."

And absolutely nothing to even remotely justify saying that the reef had been ruined.

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