Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dispatches - Undercover Mosque

There are 6 parts to this video - it is a must see.

Channel 4 in the UK recently did this undercover piece. It didn't cause one bit of fuss. Why?

Because there was a media blitz over a racist comment on a reality show called 'Big Brother'.

I think the coverage of the Big Brother incident was deliberate, to take the public attention off of REAL issues, REAL dangers and the very serious problem of the Trojan Horse that has been allowed onto the shores of the UK.

I saw a few people try to comment on the Dispatches program, only to have their comments removed from web forums. Only one person in the British media commented on it (if more have, then please send me links).

Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail:

He lays it out there. Say what you will about Littlejohn, his point is valid.

It all left me wondering if the people of the UK want to be overrun by the threat within, or if the opinion-forming media is so full of self-loathing that it is leading the lemmings into the sea?

Why, for chrissake, is some D-list self-made personality more important than the reasons that 50+ people were blown to bits on the London tube and that there are thousands in Britain who want to kill more?


Grant said...

Your point that much will be made of the trivial while the potential for chaos will be ignored is well taken, Token Chick.

"Message 15 - posted by Sheldon Spriggs (U3875161) , 2 Hours Ago

next they will turn the taj mahal into a macdonalds drivethru"

Again, the unending MacDonald's controversy while a 75,000 seat Mosque is now under construction in London. This is so very strange on so many levels, that I just don't know what to make of it.

Vina T. Deci said...

Hi's vina. Grant just sent me here.

Token Chick said...

Hi Vin!!!

So happy to see you. I've been gagged, as you can surmise, so this is our outlet.

We are all thinking that they mean to do away with the 5 live boards anyway, so here is a spot to congregate. We just started it - I hope you will bookmark us and offer up your ideas and opinions.


Vina T. Deci said...

I did bookmarked it. Those mods at bbc are unbelievable; they simply pick and choose people and subjects...what a drag!

Token Chick said...

Not just a drag, Vin, but a complete joke.

Sarah sure is taking a swing at them these days, and she is the most reasonable person on that forum!

It takes a lot to piss her off...

Span Ows said...

Hello you lot. I rarely post on R5L now, maybe a few posts each month on one or two threads. By sheer coincidence I had a thread DELETED last week, not hidden with a mod message but wiped out, not even in my posting history - I dared to answer the mods with what they asked for, basically they closed another thread re the Birmingham arrests and a comment from a Muslim leader that Britain was like Nazi Germany, they closed it because there was no link; they had posted a comment, as they often do, saying please post a link BUT 3 minutes later closed the thread, i.e. giving the poster (not me) no time to started another thread, same topic with 3 or 4 links (some horrendously evil ones like ...The Guardian) all confirming the first thread....within 10 minutes it was zapped - First time that has happened to me!

Anyway, that's my whinge over, at the weekend I'll post re this blog with a link etc...mind you I haven't posted much in the last few months!

Token Chick said...

Hullo Span!

Nice to see you here!

I remember reading your post from last week (were you posting as span ows?) and I recall the usual hatchet job by the mods.

Was stunned today to see any number of posts discussing Jews, Americans and dead allied soldiers in a derogatory way.

I still cant get over me being banned and yet the people who cheer on the terrorists remain as 'desirable' faces of the BBC.

I can tell you that if I were visiting the Beeb for the first time, I would think that Britons hated Jews, Americans and wanted their (British and allied) troops to fail.

Almost all counter opinions - with links as your posts contained - evaporate.

And please do link to us - I would love to have more people here so we can REALLY get down to discussing some of this stuff without interference.


Span Ows said...

Thanks Mistress, by the way, the link that Grant posted in the thread (that I, as well as Vina, followed) has been seems "it broke house rules"...i.e. constructive criticism is not allowed! ;-)

Another 'amusing' thing, the pro terrorist leftie spammers seem to be able to change their log-ins at will with no banning!

Token Chick said...

Good day Span - yes, I have noticed that name changes and new accounts on some of those people are out of premod in no time.

It makes me wonder if some of them arent quite literally in the basement of a 'community center' in Birmingham with several different ISP addresses, which make banning difficult. Take Thug Life as an example - I believe that is our old friend Azania from the Great World Debate of years past. And then there is Brandon/Parker/Solomom/Andy/etc...

What strikes me about these people is the lack of understanding nuance of the language, or humor. And the way that they use psychology 101 to try to manipulate other posters is strange. It feels a bit like 'if you say this to the infidel you will confuse him so say it frequently' Creepy.

Am I reading too much into it?

Four On The Floor said...

Hi Vina, It's certainly good to see you and Span here. I'd like to see several others also, like Stevie, JJ, The Jeep Man and, well several others!

You wanna be a contributor??


Four On The Floor said...

Hi Vina, im trying to get you onto Smartgroups but don't have the address. Both MOMD and me would like to talk with you.

If you can be patient i'll send you the address here, ok?

Vina T. Deci said...

Hi Grant, Im here!

Four On The Floor said...

Hi Vina!
Sorry it took me a while but you can contactme at or LeeAnn at

Great that we might finally be able to make contact!!!


tokenchick said...

Hi Vin!

Its me Lee Ann - I cant seem to login under tokenchick, me if you please.

Was reading one of mondials many 'I am perfectly reasonable and I dont hate Americans' sucker punch threads but you and Speed saw through him. I dont know how you can be so nice to him. Under his thinly veiled veneer of self-congratulatory civility is the worst sort of bigot.

And as I have been muted, I couldnt jump in.

Anyway, that aside, we would love to have you contribute here if you are so inclined.

Take care!