Thursday, September 30, 2010

Forgive India for not being Club Med

Mr Bolt is getting tired of some of the criticism being dished out to India at the moment:
CAN we give India a break? Stop squealing that it’s dirty, and not quite Club Med?

What an embarrassing fuss we’re kicking up now that sports fans finally realise the Commonwealth Games is being held in what’s still - yuk! - a Third World country.

Reporters are competing to find the most horrific evidence of dirt. See the dog prints on this bed? See the hole that the site’s dirt-poor construction workers used for a toilet? See the open drains and pools of stagnant water?

The talk is not just of the understandable fear of terrorism or even dengue fever, but of Delhi belly, smells, defecation, child prostitutes, dirty handbasins, and 700 cleaners being deployed to scrub clean the athletes’ village.

“Filthy,” sniffed the Commonwealth Games Federation. “Uninhabitable.”

Olympic Committee president John Coates even complained the Games “shouldn’t have been awarded to Delhi in hindsight”.

Gosh, who’d have thought India isn’t quite Sydney, or Melbourne?

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