Thursday, September 30, 2010

Popular British TV chef: please don't celebrate excessive thinness

I couldn't agree more. As I've said several times, the new class of puritanical health scolds have a lot to answer for, and it is indeed not surprising that increasing numbers of children are presenting to hospitals with eating disorders.

We're are quite literally making them neurotic about their food.
Nigella Lawson has championed an "anti-diet" philosophy and expressed concerned that increasing numbers of young people are suffering from eating disorders.

The television cook, renowned for her indulgent recipes, said she worried that dieting had become "normalised" for teenagers. Seeing her late mother, Vanessa, struggle with eating disorders throughout her life has made her determined to have a positive relationship with food, Lawson said.

"I think that's probably very much the basis of my anti-diet stance. "It's not that I think it's good to eat unheathily, I don't, but I can see how corrosive obsessive dieting can be.

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