Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mother Jones reader "I can't do this anymore...This is OUR Iraq War of lies and fear"



I can’t do this anymore, this climate change hysteria. And I consider myself both progressive and a liberal too, so hear me out. I found out what “they” all agree on, they agree that the effects of CO2 are predicted to be anywhere from unstoppable warming, to no noticeable effects at all. No wonder they all agreed. And it’s been 24 years. We look like we WANT this climate hell to happen. We have been had folks. This is OUR Iraq War of lies and fear. I’m both embarrassed and ashamed for endorsing this CO2 mistake through two and a half decades of dire warnings of doom and Armageddon.. But I was too much of a climate coward to actually say out loud: THE END IS NEAR. Because it’s exactly the same thing! I actually gave my kids CO2 death threats. Why? Why did I do this for so long? Let history know that this responsible environmentalist is now a Green Climate Change Denier.


From Real Science


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Syd Walker said...

This seems to be no more than someon's stand-alone comment, recycled around the web by people like you Garth.

I searched in vain for a substantive article / explanation from which this excerpt was extracted. It doesn't seem to exist.

If you have the original reference please provide it. AS things stand, I can only conclude you recycle obscure, anonymous opinion-comments as 'news'.

Why would you do something as intellectually dishonest as that?