Sunday, November 7, 2010

Taxpayers to pay $24 million for a "Centre of Excellence in the History of Emotions"

Um, this is a joke right?

The Federal Government is promoting the massive humanities grant, which will focus on historical events such as the Black Death, as a solution to the nation's dire mental health problems.

But Australian of the Year Patrick McGorry has criticised the lack of direct funding for mental health research.


Oh, dear God, apparently it isn't!

Federal Innovation, Industry, Science and Research Minister Senator Kim Carr linked the project to statistics showing almost half of Australians aged 16 to 85 years had suffered a mental disorder.

"That is why it is critical that we fund research into the way we deal with everyday problems," Senator Carr said in a press release last month.


Riiiight. So, the Black Death was an "everyday" kind of problem. But it gets worse people. Part of this "research" will involve the performance of an opera!

A related Shakespearean drama production, a Baroque opera and an art exhibition will be produced as part of the research grant.


I'm sorry, but if the government and the universities have money to waste on projects that are so clearly useless and pointless, then it is also just as clear that our universities are not under funded. Quite the opposite by the looks of it. But the fact that it's Senator Kim Carr who has put his name to yet another outrageous wasting of taxpayers' money should come as no surprise to anybody.

Also, time to abolish the Australian Research Council by the looks of it.

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