Friday, March 18, 2011

Are we just turkeys, looking forward to Christmas?

Hat tip to Correllio

In many ways a depressing read below. We have a bunch of incompetents running this country who apparently have drunk their own Kool-aid and have started to believe their own spin.

Witness Ms Gillard and Professor Garnaut's bizarre efforts at trying to spin the lie that China is racing to embrace the fluffy future of wind farms and solar panels that harvest the Sun's love for free.

The reality? Coal. Lots and lots of coal. And before any greenies get too excited about the multiple meltdowns at Japan's Fukushima nuclear facility, consider this - China did have plans to greatly increase the amount of electricity generated by nuclear power, but those plans are now in doubt.

How do you think it is going to make up any power shortfall if it does abandon or scale back those plans? One word: coal. Lots and lots of coal.

All the while as we and others consider cutting our own throats. Here is the remarkable comment from the head of the UK's National Grid, Steve Holliday, on the practical effect of increasingly relying on renewables to supply the nation's power: Families would have to get used to only using power when it was available.

Think about that for a moment: "only when it was available." So we face a future, thanks to the Greens (and now Labor it seems), where you might go to turn your airconditioning on during a stinking hot Perth summer's day, only to find that there's no power available to run it. Or that we've ended up like Manila, being subject to a rolling series of blackouts and brownouts.

We already know that it is precisely when the weather is at its hottest or coldest that the wind often disappears. Scotland experienced this during the UK's recent extremely harsh, (global warming driven apparently ), winter. Pictures from a freezing, snow covered landscape of wind farms becalmed and lying idle.

Truly, we're reduced to being a bunch of turkeys, looking forward to Christmas

Anyway, here's part of the article I referred to earlier:

Depressingly, you would have to conclude that at some level she does. Like so many who say or at least think, even if they understand, that this is all and only about reducing emissions of carbon dioxide; that yes, it's good to get rid of the bits of grit as well.

Witness our down under prophet Ross Garnaut, taking time off from dispensing his weekly profundities ex cathedra, to echo on the ABC's Lateline this same confused but deliberately dishonest mish-mash about China closing "environmentally very unfriendly" power stations and replacing them with new coal ones that had "very low emissions".

The facts on China are simple and irrefutable. It has a coal-fired system equal to more than 13 times our entire electricity generation. Between now and 2020, it is going to add between 400GW and 500GW to its existing 670GW of coal-fired power generation.

That's its projections. And that's net. So if they close, say, 200GW of really dirty old stations, they will be building 600GW to 700GW of new ones, all pumping out carbon dioxide, if hopefully not also grit.

Total power generation in Australia is about 50GW.

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