Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Australian Conservation Foundation's tricky maths concerning "subsidies" for the fossil fuel industry

Jeff Beck:

Reader ICW emails:
If you have the time or the inclination, I think it's worth a post on the "fossil fuel subsidy" canard that green groups regularly peddle, but which rarely gets corrected by the media.
The latest example is the ACF's Don Henry claiming that the fossil fuel industry gets $12b of subsidies.
If you click through to the accompanying document, it's clear the ACF's definition of a "subsidy" bears no resemblance to reality.

The rest here.

It's interesting that even Possum from Crikey clearly thought the claims were absurd.

Though none of the ACF's dishonest trickery matches those leftoids that have seriously suggested that the Iraq war was a subsidy to the fossil fuel industry. (I kid you not.)

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John Tossot said...

shoot this company straightly!
fossils for kids