Saturday, September 5, 2009

Greenists lied, pandas cried

Also from Mr Blair:
“Looks like everyone’s coming clean,” reports Gothamist. Well, not everyone, but let’s read on:
Yesterday the WWF admitted that the controversial 9/11-themed ad was probably cleared by someone at the organization, and now AdAge is reporting that “after initially lying about it, DDB Brasil now admits it created a video version of the Brazilian print ad ‘Tsunami,’ and entered both ads in the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in June” …

The One Club—who told us earlier this week that the ad didn’t win an award, despite their website showing the ad and declaring it an award winner—has also made some new comments.

Greenists lied, pandas cried.


He also writes:

Further evidence, if further evidence be needed, that green types are markedly prone to exaggeration.

UPDATE. Thomas Fuller notes the cynical and poor behaviour of certain climate scientists: “Honor once lost is not easily reclaimed.”

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