Friday, September 18, 2009

Gutting the word racist of any meaning

People never learn.

Overuse is the sure and certain death of any power a word might have.

It's like Nazi. It has become a knee-jerk reaction to people who disagree with you to say that what they represent is "just like Nazi Germany."

Er, except of course where it isn't

Likewise, the Cultural Left have just about robbed the word racist of any meaning or power due to a similar overuse.

Even when they concede that the vast majority of people who oppose Barack Obama's spending and deficits, and thus also proposed programs such as health care reform that will add billions more to the government's tab, do so from a position of an honestly held difference of opinion, they just can't leave it at that.

No, as usual, the Left has to play the race card.

Just doesn't seem to be able to help itself.

Via Powerline, here's a handy chart:


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