Thursday, September 3, 2009

Solar panels not worth it? Who'd have thought?

Solar panels cost a fortune but deliver only a minimal reward. Yet people keep buying them – and they keep being disappointed:
Homeowners are fuming after spending tens of thousands of dollars on solar panels only to find their power bills have stayed the same or only marginally dropped …

One customer said he had estimated it would take 190 years to recoup the cost of the installation, when he was promised it would take 13 years in a worst-case scenario.

Energy Ombudsman Barry Adams said there had been a rise in complaints from people unhappy with their savings.

He said it appeared some companies had “over-exaggerated” the savings.
Over-exaggeration? In matters concerning the environment? Unheard of!
(Via Doug Cox)

UPDATE. Detonating bulbs not good enough for you? Then try an eco-friendly exploding fridge.

[So, they don't produce "free energy" from the Sun at all. What they do, even with the massive government subsidies thrown at them, is produce small amounts of what is in reality very expensive electricity.]

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