Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tim Flannery should heed his own advice!

Tim Flannery, March 2008:
The water problem is so severe for Adelaide that it may run out of water by early 2009.
And Flannery in 2007:
Adelaide is our most water-stressed capital.
Not any more. Adelaide is now water-relaxed:
More water has flowed into Adelaide’s reservoirs in the past eight weeks than the whole of last year.

The total capacity of the city’s 10 reservoirs is now 76.4 per cent, compared to 64.6 per cent at the same time last year when water was being pumped from the River Murray.
As Flannery said in 2005:
Well, you can’t predict the future; that’s one of the things that you learn fairly early on …

[Though it is a continuing mystery to me why anybody would continue to take Flannery seriously.]

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Peter T said...

I guess the Adelaide water authority was taking its advice from Tim Flannery when it said in March 08 that "ADELAIDE is at risk of relying solely on rain to fill depleting reservoirs amid warnings the city's water supply situation is at its most critical.

The State Government yesterday confirmed Adelaide has only 47 days' supply – about 24 gigalitres – to pump from the River Murray from a 201-gigalitre "critical human needs" entitlement this financial year.
The state's reservoirs are at 54 per cent capacity, down from 81 per cent in November, and holding about six months' supply, but this is the first year SA Water has been restricted in how much water it can take from the Murray."

Hard to find a reliable seer these days.

Anonymous said...

I really like Tim Flannery. I started a business called outback biochar that is selling a retail version of biochar. When I asked Mr. Flannery for his support he was only too happy to give it.