Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Are all climate hysterics this stupid?


Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow:
What would you trust more as a measure of turbulence up there? Stabenow’s bouncing buttocks at high altitude, or this study showing no increase in storms and hurricanes:
A NOAA-led team of scientists has found that the apparent increase in the number of tropical storms and hurricanessince the late 19th and early 20th centuries is likely attributable to improvements in observational tools and analysis techniques that better detect short-lived storms.
(Via Benny Peiser.)

Okay, to be fair, the obvious answer is no, but really, what is it about environmentalism generally, and climate change in particular, that attracts irrational idiots like this?

She "feels" it when she's flying?

That's her evidence?

And the usual challenge for any of these insincere poseurs - if you are so convinced that our CO2 is endangering the planet, what are you doing getting on a plane in the first place?

Just a bunch of superstitious morons and hypocrites.

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