Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What are they going to do… make us?

There is nothing to fear.


It’s not like the government will install 24-hour surveillance cameras into our homes to make sure we’re behaving correctly, that parents are feeding their children properly and children are eating their vegetables, doing their homework and going to bed on time. It’s not like government guards will be sent to carry out home checks.


It’s not like the government will target tens of thousands of people for having bad behavior and place them in sin bins to improve their sinful behavior. It’s not like we’ll have to sign good behavior contracts which set out our duties for good behavior and if we refuse, we could lose our homes, have our children seized by the government, be fined and imprisoned.


It’s not like teachers will report us to the government if the school believes parents haven’t followed the contract. It’s not like our neighbors will spy for the government and report bad behaviors and bad habits like drinking or failing to follow the government-prescribed proper eating plan.


No, nothing like that could ever happen in this day and age. That would be right out of Nineteen Eighty-Four and that was a novel, not a government blueprint.


1984 is an anguished lament and a warning that vibrates powerfully when we may not be strong enough nor wise enough nor moral enough to cope with the kind of power we have learned to amass....— Walter Cronkite in the forward of the reprint of 1984 by George Orwell


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