Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission tackles false green claims by government

IN A move that could cost the Federal Government’s GreenPower scheme public support, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has asked a state government agency and energy suppliers to stop telling customers that using GreenPower will ‘‘make a real difference’’ to the environment.

Almost a million households now buy GreenPower, paying extra on their power bills to support renewable energy and shrink their carbon footprint.

But they will no longer be told it leads to ‘‘significant results for our environment’’.

Good to see that the truth is finally starting to catch up with at least some of the green carpetbaggers that have been making money out of the gullible and credulous stupidity of those who are well meaning, but unable to count or to think.

Now, if they could just do something about those government feel good ads that falsely tell people that they can make a difference to climate change by turning their TVs etc off at the wall, I be even happier. The reality always was that any savings in CO2 emissions would be so tiny as a percentage of total global emissions as to be absolutely meaningless.

The ads were always about making people feel good about themselves, not actually achieving anything real.

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