Friday, September 18, 2009

Bob Brown wins meaningless prize for doing nothing

Senator Brown will receive the award from the Peace Organisation of Australia (POA) at a ceremony in Melbourne on Tuesday.

POA says Senator Brown has been recognised for his longstanding commitment to peace, non-violence and global justice.

"Climate change threatens the peace and stability of all communities. It is appropriate, therefore, that this year's prize should be awarded to a person who has devoted his life to environmental causes,'' said POA president Aron Paul.

"Senator Brown is a person of great determination and compassion, who through his leadership has inspired generations of Australians to preserve the only planet we have.''

Past recipients include World Vision chief Tim Costello, human rights lawyer Julian Burnside and anti-nuclear campaigner Helen Caldicott.

Hmmm, Tim Costello, human rights lawyer Julian Burnside and anti-nuclear campaigner Helen Caldicott.

Anyone detect an emerging pattern here?

Why don't they at least be honest and admit that their organisation and its silly prize have got nothing to do with peace per se, and everything to do with promoting Left Wing politics and ideology?

And really, I love this excuse about someone having prevented theoretical conflicts that may happen in the future, but then again may not! Wow! What an achievement!

Surely nobody is stupid enough to take this prize, or its recipients, seriously?

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