Friday, September 18, 2009

More than that turn up to watch Collingwood train!

Australia’s carbon children, currently running an election of some kind, are amped:

Via Habib, who emails: “They bung on free bands, and the best they can get in Melbourne is 5,000; bloody hell, people in Melbourne will go to ANYTHING. More than that turn up to watch Collingwood train. It may have been the presence of Jimoein that kept them at bay – even addled young climate zealots aren’t dumb enough to find him funny.” Far funnier is this Carbon Dance by the Climate Youth Ensemble:

UPDATE. Scandal! Wrath Man emails: “They are not the Climate Youth Ensemble, they’re the Climate Youth Plagiarists. Can’t even make up their own poxy song. Ironically, Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On was accused of ripping off the Clovers’ chant, which is why Eliza Dushku is leaving in disgust. Yes I know, I know, but I have young daughters.”

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