Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wine I will be drinking - E. Guigal Cotes du Rhone 2005

Yes, I know, dirty French wine. Don't know what evil spirit possessed me down at Liquor Barons in Mt Lawley.

Part of a horrible chain of grog stores, but its location is reflected in its range. Even has an okay selection of fortified wines (one of my metrics for judging liquor shops), including some very yummy looking Spanish sherries.

(Actually, can anybody tell me why fortified wines went out of fashion? They are some of the most wonderfully complex and concentrated drinks around, and yet people have got it into their heads that they are somehow old fashioned and, dare I say it kids, "uncool."

But anyone with any self-respect as a drinker would be proud to be heard ordering sherry. Or port or madeira or the orgasmically rich and wonderful Australian liqueur muscats or tokays.)

It has a cellar stocked with aged wines downstairs. I never go down those stairs. What's the point? I'll only see things I'll want, but can't afford.

Not that it matters much, as the selection upstairs is pretty damn good.

And there's another thing to like about this shop. The people working there do seem to know a thing or two about wine and what's on their shelves. I've always found that they give very good advice and can usually point you towards what you want.

Anyway, the guy in the shop said this was good and I'll know one way or another in a few hours time.

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