Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Hitlerettes of "SustainUS"

From Greenie Watch:

By Christopher Monckton in Copenhagen -- responding to attacks from ecofascists

Here in Copenhagen, the “global warming” conference is hotting up despite the freezing weather. A couple of nights ago, a peaceful meeting of Americans for Prosperity was broken up by several dozen chanting preppie goons from SustainUS, a Hitlerian environmental pressure-group largely funded by US taxpayers. The thugs and thugettes were determined to exercise their right of free speech at the expense of ours.

These animals’ loutish assault on our meeting, and my conversation about it the next day, have gone viral on the internet as people realize – many for the first time – that, in today’s environmental movement, the intolerance, arrogance, and viciousness of Nazism is back – and this time it is worldwide.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, it was a variety of U.S. youth who came to the Americans for Prosperity event. SustainUS just filmed it, so Lord Monckton assumed that SustainUS members were the ones there.