Monday, December 21, 2009

What's a religion without schisms? Clive Hamilton goes after Tim Flannery

Clive has been gunning for fellow moonbat Flannery since at least early 2009, when he accused the “skilled media player” of flip-floppery and “opportunism”. Now he elevates that into a full-scale moonbattle. It’s moonbat combat, people:

To have any chance of limiting warming even to two degrees (itself a dangerous objective), global emissions have to peak within the next ten years then decline sharply. After Copenhagen that is now impossible …

Everyone seems to understand this except Tim Flannery, who has praised the accord as a good outcome that has made “huge advances”.

It’s on! Hamilton continues:

With his bizarre interpretations, frequent blunders and repeated changes of position, Flannery has become the butt of jokes among the cognoscenti …

And beyond. Hamilton also is powerfully joke-worthy outside of the climate cognoscenti zone. But I’ve interrupted his Flannery attack:

… although that won’t cool the ABC’s ardour for the former Australian of the Year.

Bitch-o-rama! It’s all about air time! How will Flannery respond? I’m tipping lofty disdain, although Flannery might be inclined to fight rather than flight now that he’s locked in a warming death-clamp with his academic rival.

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