Friday, October 1, 2010

If We Are Not Free to Disagree, We Are Not Free - More Fallout From THAT Video

Donna Laframboise from No Frakking Consensus notes that while those responsible for the appalling 10:10 No Pressure video, where people (including children) who dared to express a different opinion on climate change were blown up in torrents of blood and gore, have apologised for it, they clearly remain clueless as to why it was just so disturbing and offensive.
[It] suggests that the undersigned “Franny, Lizzie, Eugenie and the whole 10:10 team” still don’t get it. They’re clueless about how deeply offensive it is, in a free society, to suggest that people with alternative points-of-view deserve to be liquidated. If we are not free to disagree, we are not free. Period.

Though she makes the equally important point that the proper reaction to this video is not to ban it or restrict the free speech of those responsible.
Offensive speech needs to be met with alternative speech. Those of us who are alarmed and offended need to use our own voices. We need to explain to all of those individuals and organizations who have publicly aligned themselves with the 10:10 Campaign that the world is now watching them.

This is their moment. They need to disassociate themselves from this video. They also need to convince the 10:10 Campaign‘s leadership that a more persuasive apology is required – an apology that demonstrates that this organization actually has learned from this debacle.

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