Saturday, October 2, 2010

More than any individual, Joe Romm is responsible for creating a poisonous, negative atmosphere in the climate debate

Roger Pielke Jr:

Joe Romm is going after Clive Crook, a senior editor of The Atlantic, a columnist for National Journal, and a commentator for the Financial Times.  In a venting that is extreme even for Romm, he demands that Crook be sued and fired -- and calls for an email campaign to the Atlantic.  I've never met Crook, but I have long found his political arguments to be cogent and well worth reading.  I have also had my experiences with Joe Romm.  So, I am not surprised at what I found when I looked into this issue.

Here are Crook's two "libelous" offenses according to Romm:

The rest here.

I copped some flack on Twitter recently for likening the Left's habit of trying to bully opponents into submission and silence to a 'pack rape,' but yet again we see Romm calling for exactly that.

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