Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh, it's not okay to be a job snob now?

Another example of how Labor gets given a free pass by the media, academics and special interest groups for saying things that they condemned a conservative for saying previously.
Andrew Bolt lists some reactions from this cast of usual suspects when Tony Abbott said eight years ago exactly what Labor is saying now:
(Finance Minister Lindsay) Tanner said people could not be too choosy when it came to finding work in times of high unemployment. He was commenting after his federal front bench colleague Employment Participation Minister Mark Arbib warned job seekers not to be job snobs.
But now The Sydney Morning Herald opines: "His message today might be unpalatable but that does not mean he is wrong. This is a time for a strong work ethic and cheerfulness in the face of adversity." 
Ms Francis has ..formed a group called Nomadic Hands to raise awareness of human rights and animal welfare overseas. And, until her hobby leads to full-time work, she remains on the dole.
Oh, and she has made a terribly important, (if largely unwatched ), documentary on the evil oil business in Ecuador.
"I just can't take the routine of getting up and doing the same thing every day." Typically, she lasts no more than seven days in a job. She is only 25 and yet has had 70 different jobs.
But great. We get to pay for her "hobby."

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