Friday, July 31, 2009

What Rudd doesn’t understand (shorter version)

From Julie Novak and Professor Sinclair Davidson comes a paper on Kevin Rudd’s 6000-word essay last week. The title:
In summary, Davidson and Novak correct Rudd’s biggest howlers:
1: The current economic crisis is due to regulatory, and not market, failure

2: The Premiers’ Plan helped Australia escape depression quicker

3: Our economic boom was much more than just mining and stockmarkets

4: Other countries have undergone a ‘building decade,’ and they didn’t work

5: Greater economic self sufficiency is a recipe for lower growth

And an honourable mention: Bureaucratic solutions are not the way to engender real jobs and growth
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It's interesting to watch Krudd so shamelessly rewrite history whenever it suits his polemical purposes.

He's now trying to suggest that Labor came into office in the midst of an economic crisis, and that the Coalition was responsible.

Not true.

Labor came into office inheriting from John Howard and Peter Costello a booming economy and a budget that was in surplus.

Yes, the global financial crisis that came later was not Labor's fault. But one of the reasons we are getting through it better than most other countries is because Howard's government ran the economy so well, and reformed the banking sector such that we have some of the strongest and most secure banks in the world.

And as an update to Krudd's green job fraud, hear how he nervously now admits that Employment Participation Minister Mark Arbib was right.
But when Rudd himself is asked by Neil Mitchell to justify his fraud of a claim, he’s almost as hopeless (hear from just before half way through).

Fact is, Arbib was asked to sell a dead dog. These are not real jobs. And now Rudd - swallowing nervously - admits they are not new “jobs”, either.

Arbib is not to blame. Rudd is.

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