Saturday, July 18, 2009

Senator Fielding nails his Colours to the mast

Okay, I'm still having a hard time being in the position of saying nice things about Family First senator Stephen Fielding.
The man has basically struck me as too much of the publicity seeking buffoon in the past for my liking. While I'm not going to dismiss anyone simply on the basis that they are an evangelical Christian, it does make me a tad uneasy.
But then again, we forget that the movement in Britain to end the slave trade was at heart driven by evangelical Christians.
We've certainly seen in respect to Fielding recently that typically fatuous tactic by the Left of putting him in a box marked "Christian loony" so they can laugh at him and, more importantly, ignore anything he says.
However, irrespective of whether he is a religious crazy or not, he has raised some very pertinent points on climate change and dared to ask questions that needed to be asked.
And hasn't this thrown the climate luvvies into a tiz?
At first the government tried to answer his questions, but when that backfired and blew up in its face it retreated into a sullen silence.
Air temperatures were supposed to be the great marker of our imminent fried doom, and yet almost overnight they are then declared irrelevant by Penny Wong and her haplessly incompetent advisors. Sorry, we really meant ocean temperatures all along old boy, much more to the point you understand.
But doesn't even the IPCC admit that the measuring of ocean temperatures is unreliable? Hear that dear readers? Yes, the sounds of silence.
Anyway, Senator Fielding has his say here.
Climate change is real. Yes that’s right, contrary to the misreporting in the media, I do believe in climate change. That might come as a shock to some of those on the left side of politics, but it’s the truth. The question that concerns me, however, is what is driving it? Is it increasing levels of human made carbon dioxide emissions, variations in solar radiation or something else?

Around three months ago one of my advisors pulled me aside and asked me what I thought was driving climate change. I smiled and said automatically that it was obviously a result of increasing carbon dioxide emissions. I had never really looked at the science and just assumed what was reported in the media to be true. Well wasn’t I in for an enormous shock.

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