Wednesday, December 2, 2009

#Climategate hits on Google go from 16,500,000 to 18,500,000 in less than 2 hours

When Andrew Bolt reported the latest hit count at around 9pm Perth time, it stood at 16,500,000.

When I clicked on the link in his post that took you to the Google search result at around 10:20pm, it had already increased to 18,500,000.

Was the figure on Andrew's blog a typo, a mistake? I suppose it could be, but if not, then there is a phenomenon happening right now. Actually, even if it was a typo, there's something big happening right now.

The term Climategate is less than two weeks old. I think increasingly people have just had enough of being nagged endlessly about climate change. As well, I suspect that they are put off by the whiff of old-fashioned religious puritanism and fanaticism that has come to characterise the modern environmental movement.

I note that the latest issue of New Scientist has an article going on about the carbon footprint of coffee. I mean really, where does this wowsering preaching end?

Brilliant young astrophysicist Professor Nir Shaviv says he’s not surprised at all by Climategate, whether it’s the revelation that data was destroyed to prevent checking, or evidence that sceptics were blocked from publication:
(F)rom what I’ve read in blogsphere, the e-mails did not reveal anything I didn’t think was happening anyway (though it may help the general public get a glimpse of that)....

An editor of one of the more prominent journals wrote a colleague of mine that ”any paper which doesn’t support the anthropogenic GHG theory is politically motivated, and therefore has to be rejected”.

There are many more examples. As I said, these e-mails do not surprise me. They just provide a window to whatever I had thought was happening anyway.
Shaviv was also nastily attacked and smeared by RealClimate, exposed in the Climategate emails as an arm of the Climategate conspiracy.

But he has known for some time that this warmist bubble would burst:
The hysteria surrounding the concept of ‘global warming’ will fade over the years… People will see that the apocalyptic forecasts are not coming true. Today there is no fingerprint attesting that carbon dioxide emission causes a rise in temperature.
His own explanation for the warming that stopped in 2001: the effect on cosmic rays on cloud formation.

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