Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Liberal Party's Mark Latham

One thing must be immediately clear to even Turnbull’s closest supporters. He cannot ever again be trusted with the leadership, let alone a confidence. He should be manouvered out of Parliament, if not the party.

Turnbull is now more bitter than even Latham, and more dangerous. Latham at least left Parliament before dishing out his dirt against his own, and reporters were more inclined to laugh off his attacks as mere bile. And at least Latham still loathed the other side even more than his own.

But Turnbull?

Already party insiders have noted that Turnbull had a habit of scribbling down the remarks he heard from others - at least the most memorable or most stupid of them. They also noted that Turnbull had a habit of hearing - or imagining he heard - what he most wanted to hear.

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