Friday, January 22, 2010

Hey @KevinRuddPM, what do you think about those 4,000 guys in white coats measuring stuff now?

(And not that I would suggest that our dear prime minister, K R Puff'n'Fluff, would ever be untruthful - *cough, cough* - but when did even the IPCC claim it was composed of 4,000 scientists?

It never even (officially) used the much more frequently quoted wrong number of 2,500.

Love the final reference to Rudd's claim he saw Colin Cowdrey batting in a game he didn't play in )
Things have changed since 2008, when Kevin Rudd was the IPCC’s leading yay-boy:
Well, I just look at what the scientists say. There’s a group of scientists called the International Panel on Climate Change - 4000 of them. Guys in white coats who run around and don’t have a sense of humour. They just measure things. And what they say to us is it’s happening and it’s caused by human activity.
They also said that Himalayan glaciers would vanish by 2035. More 2008-era Rudd:
Well, I stand by what the International Panel of Climate Change Scientists have had to say. There will always be argy-bargy about elements of the detail.
Such as elements so bogus that the head of the UN’s climate change is now talking about “taking action” against IPCC authors. One more line from our newly climate-shy PM:
Here’s a measurement which people should just sit back and pay a bit of attention to - the 12 hottest years in human history have occurred in the last 13 years. That’s a fact.

It’s also a fact that Rudd once witnessed Colin Cowdrey stride out to smite global warming in Brisbane. Kevin seen it with his own eyes, he really did!

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