Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lord Monckton needs to cool down

Albrechtsen is right. Lord Monckton has done a fantastic job in campaigning against the exaggerated claims about the dangers of climate change.

But he also does have a tendency to get carried away rhetorically, and this can only be damaging.
Just as the these kinds of chickens are now starting to come home to roost for Al Gore, the IPCC and the rest of them.
"When Monckton talks about the science he is powerful. Watch on YouTube his kerb-side interview of a well-meaning Greenpeace follower on the streets of Copenhagen last month. With detailed data behind him, he asks whether she is aware that there has been no statistically significant change in temperatures for 15 years. No, she is not. Whether she is aware that there has in fact been global cooling in the past nine years? No, she is not. Whether she is aware that there has been virtually no change to the amount of sea ice? No, she does not. Whether, given her lack of knowledge about these facts, she is driven by faith, not facts. Yes, she is driven by faith, she says.

"To those with an open mind, Monckton's fact-based questions demand answers from our political leaders. To this end, he will impress his Australian audience over the next few days. Unfortunately, while Monckton has mastered the best arts of persuasion, he also succumbs to the worst of them when he engages in his made-for-the-stage histrionics."

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Dream Architects said...

If you watch Lord Christopher Monckton on YouTube with Alex Jones on Climategate, it does not sound as if he is exaggerating.

Did you know that he was bashed unconscious by police at the Copenhagen so-called 'Climate Summit' for daring to risk entry to a conference that he had been invited to attend.

By the way if you still can't believe Al Gore is one of them - revisit Michael Moore's film - Fahrenheit 911 and watch the beginning where black people were disenfranchised. (not allowed to vote in Florida)

Look who was banging the hammer down in the Senate on the tearful, but powerless black community representatives - Al Gore.

Watch the energy he put into it. Say no more.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.