Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Tet Zoo guide to the creatures of Avatar

From Tetrapod Zoology:

Tone and I recently went to see Avatar. I've been reading up on the movie for months and was really looking forward to seeing it. I mostly liked it, though did think it was a bit clich├ęd and predictable. But I'm not here to talk about storylines and plot devices... you want to know about the creatures. A lot of thought and time obviously went into the design of Pandora's ecosystem and creatures. In part, I'd say that this was a success: a lot of people (even many not that interested in the natural world) have been very much taken in by the movie's xenobiology - if only this inspired them to become interested in, and passionate about, the biology and ecology of the real world. Without further ado, here are my assorted musings on Pandora's creatures. Would be interested in your take on them too!

WARNING: major spoilers ahead. Turn back now if you haven't seen the movie. This is your last warning.


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