Sunday, January 10, 2010

Promise? Not campaign-promise promise but for-real promise? Good.

From SondraK:

    MI5 failed to alert America to intelligence highlighting the extremist links of the Detroit plane bomber because of concerns about breaching his human rights and privacy.

    The spy agency withheld its files on Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab from Washington until after the near-catastrophic Christmas Day attack because of guidance from its legal department.

    MI5 has privately conceded that as early as 2006 its surveillance operations had picked up “multiple communications” between the 23-year-old Nigerian student and suspected terrorists in Britain.

    Mr President, may I speak to you for a moment? Thank you, over here, please.
    Look, I know you have a “thing” against the Brits for all that African colonial tyranny stuff. Well, so do the rest of us Americans. Remember 1776? 1812? Just get over it. We did.

    No, no, please. I’m getting to my point.
    You may have heard that we used to have what we called a [makes air quotes] “special relationship.” That means we shared intelligence assets and information with the Brits more than with anybody else in the whooole wide world. Yes, they gave lots of important stuff to us, too. There are loads of good stories about how that saved the our bacon more than once. If you want, I’ll read you one at bed time.

    Okay, here’s my point. You gotta get back in bed with… hear me out. You gotta get back in bed with those guys. This isn’t about you. They need to tell us all the icky stuff about the bad people, m’kay?

    You will? Promise? Not campaign-promise promise but for-real promise? Good.
    Yes, you may raise your chin, again, and go back with the other boys. Off you go. Ta-ta!
    Geezusmaryanjosephonastick, isn’t there any adult friggin’ supervision around here?

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