Friday, January 22, 2010

Spot what's missing from K R Puff'n'Fluff's Australia Day speeches?

Last year Kevin Rudd claimed global warming was the “great moral challenge of our generation”

But the climate sure has changed since Climategate and the farcical failure in Copenhagen. This year global warming is the scam that Rudd barely dares to mention:
Kevin Rudd has made Australia Day policy speeches around the nation on each of the past five days, with two to come. We’ve heard about productivity, fiscal responsibility, infrastructure, jobs and disadvantage. Today he speaks about health; tomorrow (unless there is a change) he’s due to talk about cities.

Anything odd about this list? You’ve got it. Climate change and the need for an emissions trading scheme haven’t been the focus of any speech so far.
Remember how Malcolm Turnbull last year warned his Liberal Party to pass Rudd’s emissions trading scheme or face a double dissolution election on the issue that would wipe them out? Just months later, climate change is in fact so smelly that Rudd would like it to disappear as an election issue completely. So fast has this faith imploded.

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