Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Searching for some sexless sailors

THE navy is shocked - shocked! - that healthy young men cooped up on its ships look at the healthy young women by their side and want to, er, rock their boats.
In fact, so shocked is the navy, apparently run by old and devoutly Christian aesthetes who still undress in the dark, that four sailors from HMAS Success have been removed from their ship at Singapore.
Their crime? To have run a contest to sleep with the most women on board.
Yes, stifle your gasps. You’ve never seen anything so horrific since the last time you went to a disco or office party. Or last watched Channel Nine’s sex-on-the-sea show, Sea Patrol.
Anyway, this contest had a few rules that’s been deliciously eye-popping for the kind of people who love to drool and damn at the same time.
Sleeping with an officer or a lesbian won extra points, and the sailors kept score in a book known as the ledger, with dollar amounts written next to the name of each woman.
Which is where I start wondering where the navy got so old-fashioned, albeit in an almost refreshing way.
How many of these women actually slept with the bounty hunters?
None, I’d bet. In which case, why all this fuss?
Or is the answer “plenty”? And then we must ask: why haven’t those women been sent home, too? 
Doesn’t this just confirm what rugby league star Matthew Johns found after the ABC outed him as a beast for having had group sex with a willing fan - that a woman’s yes no longer means yes?
Full article here.
Sigh. Nothing like a bit of confected middle-class panic

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