Thursday, November 19, 2009

Deranged Palin-haters stoop to new lows

Whatever else you can say about Palin, she has certainly got inside the heads of many Leftoids and driven them completely stark raving mad.

How deranged are Palin-haters? So much so that the Daily Kos has urged readers to pepper the Internet with a fake quote from her that it’s helpfully prepared:
the fictional copy block, below, contains the full Palin quote, we will be giving Palin a dose of her own medicine. Most people will read the quote and believe Palin really did say something that inane. And I would love for her to have to refute it the same way she had to refute Tina Fey’s “front porch” quote.
It’s so astonishing that the Left, which claims to oppose Palin because she’s a bad person, could stoop to such nastiness so often to discredit her. I simply don’t understand the mindset, but would instinctively support the target of people that foul. Say of Palin what you will, but if some on the Left must invent quotes to show how bad she is, it’s clear that what she does say can’t be bad enough for even them.

Oh, and here’s what you now get when you look up that Daily Kos site.

(More at the link above.)

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