Thursday, November 26, 2009

The question will be asked of scientists (and journalists) - which side were you on?

From Andrew Bolt. No, we're not going to do what some alarmists have quite literally done in relation to climate sceptics, that is, call for them to be placed on trial for crimes against humanity. (No, seriously, this is exactly what some radical and extreme environmentalists have called for in relation to those who dared to disagree with them.)

But questions will be asked in the context of debating how so many people throughout the scientific establishment, politics and the bureaucracy and the media were so comprehensively duped by a coalition of activists scientists and green carpetbaggers. About how many then sought to profit from fanning the hysteria.

There will be an especial accounting of the media, which totally failed to live up to its responsibility to be cautious and sceptical. Too always look for the story behind the spin. In regards to environmental matters in general and climate change in particular, its failure has been almost total.

It has been sad to watch the decline of SBS in this regard. It has recently decided to throw off even the pretence of balance and objectivity and is now activity campaigning for the alarmist cause.

Though it is humorous up to a point. Just when it is clear that some in the media, including even the BBC, have noted the change in wind direction and have started to trim their sails accordingly, the SBS decides to set its spinnaker.

The tide is turning. And fast. There will soon be an accounting - and the mood and the money for it. The reputation of science - and of many scientists - will be damaged severely.

Until now those scientists who knew the science behind global warming theory was weak or flawed largely kept their doubts to themselves, out of fear or other forms of self-interest. I’ve had the emails from some confessing to just that.

But self-interest should dictate they now make a stand. They need to show, for their own sake and for the sake of science, that they were on the right side of this debate, even if belatedly. Already I see some speaking - one even writing a book - who did not speak two years ago. There must be more now, to halt this madness before even more harm is done.

A decade from now, when scientists and the public look back at this extraordinary scandal, this great fit of collective madness, the question will be asked: on which side were you?

Now is the time to make sure you can answer with pride. Speak up. Reveal. Undo the damage.

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