Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Join our vast global conspiracy!

Feel free to add your name to this letter in comments below:
Dear Mr Rudd,

I am an Australian who respects reason and evidence, and who wants this nation to prosper - and not squander its wealth.

On Friday I heard you say there is now a group of ”opponents of climate change action ... active in every country” that is “powerful enough to threaten a deal on global climate change both in Copenhagen and beyond”.

I would like to join this group. Can you please tell me where I can enrol?
Professor Ian Plimer - in London for the debate that warmist George Monbiot chickened out of - joins this fast growing list below. So do engineers, scientists, academics and one of the candidates in the Higgins by-election (signature 600 or so - and no, it’s not the Liberal). So does Jo Nova, the science communicator who wrote the excellent Skeptics Handbook. Pass this letter on to your friends. Sign them up!

I explain to Alan Jones the absurdities in Rudd’s speech which prompted this request that he supply the conspiracy’s address. (Link fixed. Go to highlights panel.)

Tell Rudd you want this address, too. Sign up!

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