Monday, November 30, 2009

Liberal's choice - yes to the tax, no to the tax, and a don't know

Jesus Christ! A fucking new tax on fucking everything and the fucking Liberals can't get their fucking act together to sell what a fucking bad idea this is?

Fuck. Maybe those who are saying that that megalomaniac Turnbull was a Manchurian candidate sent by the Labor Party to destroy the Liberal Party are right after all?

He's certainly done a good job of doing it, that's for sure.

But in fact I doubt anyone will really win, least of all the Liberals.

The candidates:

1. Turnbull, who wants to back a great green tax right now - a decision that many Liberal MPs and even more Liberal members know is disastrous for Australia and against all reason. Other problem: Turnbull is unelectable, and a man few in the Liberal partyroom now believe is fit to lead.

2. Tony Abbott, who has just announced that he must stand as a candidate, since the reason he opposed Turnbull was that his leader refused to delay Senate approval of Rudd’s great green tax - and now Abbott’s hearing that Hockey as leader may allow a conscience vote that would still get it through. Abbott’s policy is the only one that the Liberals could fight with at an election, if it were argued with conviction. Problem: Abbott has only held his new view for a week or two, and is unelectable, besides.

3. Joe Hockey, who has not even said for sure he’ll run, and has no idea what to do about Rudd great green tax - which he so foolishly supported, and now can’t credibly oppose. I mean, a conscience vote? That would simply leave the Liberals with all the odium of being a party riven by “deniers”, without any of the kudos from arguing that position with pride and passion. If Hockey had the wit, energy and daring he could use Climategate as perhaps the reason to explain a change of mind, but who’d expect something so bold and demanding from him? And I fear already that Hockey is about as unelectable as was Kim Beazley, if not more so.

At least the Liberals have a choice, I guess, between yes to the tax, no to the tax, and a don’t know.

Who, underneath this canopy, will be the Liberals’ next leader - after Hockey, I presume? And could they be found in time for tomorrow?

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