Saturday, November 7, 2009

UN tells Rudd: give us your billions

From Andrew Bolt:

How many billions does Kevin Rudd promise to pay this man?

The video shows Yvo de Boer, executive secretary for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate, setting out the demands that countries such as Australia must fulfil at the UNFCC’s Copenhagen meeting next month. De Boer is speaking at the end of this week’s preliminary meeting at Barcelona, attended by Australian delegates, to help reach the deal that Rudd says is vital.

Check out points three and four. De Boer wants Rudd to promise within the next couple of weeks how much cash he will hand over, and how. De Boer also goes on to explain the need for an “architecture” - a new UN body to take the cash, and fine countries which don’t pay up or don’t cut their gases.

How much does the UN want? It suggests 0.7 per cent of GDP every year - which in Australia works out to $7 billion a year, given to the UN to hand to countries such as China and Pakistan, minus its handling fees, of course.

How much of our cash and powers will Rudd hand over? He refuses to say, and has only attacked me for using ”back of the envelope” figures.

Well, if not $7 billion, Prime Minister, then how much? You see the man in the video make his demands; now give him - and us - your answer.

It will come as little surprise to most New Zealanders that the country shivered through the coldest October in 64 years.
October 2009 3rd Coldest for US in 115 Years
Senator Cory Bernardi is running a petition against signing the Copenhagen treaty.

The grassroots reject Malcolm Turnbull’s disastrous decision to back what he should fight - and to turn a weapon into a suicide pill:
CLIMATE change sceptics ... dominated debate on climate change in a meeting of the Victorian division of the Liberal Party yesterday.

One rank-and-file Liberal member was given rousing applause when he said global warming was a natural phenomenon and the theory that human activity had caused it was ‘’absolute rubbish’’.

Another speaker said those proposing action on climate change were working towards creating a ‘’world government’’, while a third said any engagement on the issue would signal that the Liberals had ‘’raised the white flag’’.
The climate is indeed changing. The intellectual and political climate, that is, and the Liberal leadership should now lead what they’re so slow in following.

Changing climate indeed. ABC journalist Eleanor Hall asked Environment Minister Peter Garrett on Meet The Press this morning whether he’d been wrong to peddle a scare with his claim that global warming could soon cause the seas to rise 6 metres. He refused to even try to justify his patently false figure. Sadly, though, there was no follow-up question asking him to correct the record.

Garrett simply rabbitted about warnings that the IPCC had given. In fact, the IPCC, despite being alarmist, suggests sea level rises this century on now more than 59cms at worst. Not Garrett’s 6 metres.

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