Monday, November 23, 2009

Tim Flannery now admits that the science isn't settled after all

Even alarmist Tim Flannery, confronted on Lateline with the emails of the global warming conspiracy, concedes holes in the “science is settled” argument and admits to what he didn’t before:

We’re dealing with an incomplete understanding of the way the earth system works… When we come to the last few years when we haven’t seen a continuation of that (warming) trend we don’t understand all of the factors that create earth’s climate...We just don’t understand the way the whole system works… See, these people work with models, computer modelling. So when the computer modelling and the real world data disagree you’ve got a very interesting problem… Sure for the last 10 years we’ve gone through a slight cooling trend.

And on these now-admitted uncertainties we must scrap all coal-fired generators, impose massive new taxes, shut entire industries, hand billions to the UN and change the way we live?

Incidentally, note that journalists absolutely refused to hear exactly this from me on Insiders. Even Lateline host Tony Jones will now hear from Flannery what he wouldn’t just days earlier from sceptic Tony Abbott

Follow the link, there is stacks more there.

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