Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ugandan activist: fight the anti-gay bill

Here's part of a post by Michael Senyonjo, Ugandan human rights activist and political analyst, at Harry's Place. It's good to see that the usual hysterically illogical bullshit has been used by the proponents of this idiotic law.
The bill has been condemned worldwide by all reasonably minded people including the Pope.

Such universal opposition cannot happen without reason. The argument that family life is under threat by homosexuality is baseless. Uganda has strong family foundations based on heterosexuality. Last year alone, 1.3 million Ugandans were born as a result of man-woman relations. The current population of 31 million will double by 2030 and hit 90 million by 2050, according to the government’s own statistics.

The average Ugandan woman is having on average 7 children and in most cases with the same man. Record numbers of couples are getting married each year.

Based on the above statistics gays and lesbians are nowhere near to
taking control of the country. In fact heterosexuals should be
challenging gays with the ‘Catch us if you can’ attitude. Besides, we have not imported gays and lesbians as Buturo seems to suggest. They are members of our families so how can they threaten us?

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