Monday, January 4, 2010

Did anyone see Peppe Cotto on Heston's Roman feast last night?

The Italian sausage maker with the pork crackling bow tie and trumpet?

As mad as a loon of course, but what a hoot!


Many thanks to Lin at work for tracking down this web site which has a page about him and the episode.

He was important for the "trojan hog" course, where Heston wanted to have 'intestines' fall from the belly of a cooked pig.
The feast includes pig nipple scratchings, calf's brain custard, and a slow-cooked hog filled with edible intestines made from chicken and a cocoa mixture. And for pudding, Heston rolls out the ultimate naughty Roman dessert: an unusual ejaculating cake featuring white chocolate mousse, space dust and dry ice.

The hog was slow cooked alright. Something like 20 hours in a bag at 60 degrees in a spa!

You can watch Peppe on YouTube:

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