Thursday, February 11, 2010

Anthony Watts teaches Tim Lambert a thing or two about civility and manners

I did get a chuckle though from a response posted by another blog honored on the list.

by Tim Lambert
Stimulating musings on the environment and the social implications of science, though Lambert’s background is actually in computing.

He wrote of his own blog’s inclusion:

If they are going to include my blog on their list of the top 30 science blogs, I can’t help but link to them. There are some good blogs on their list which is only marred by the inclusion of Anthony Watts’ anti-science blog.

Heh. I’ll simply offer my congratulations to Mr. Lambert, and to the other blogs on the list. I’ll also wish Mr. Lambert well in his upcoming debate with Lord Monckton. That should be interesting and fun to watch, no matter what side of consensus you live on.

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