Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"He is both anal and banal." Ouch!

Niki Savva delivers the most flaying assessment of K R Puff'n'Fluff I've ever read.

She captures the over-riding fakeness of the man, and it's almost painful to consider.
If anyone out there stumbles across the real Kevin Rudd, could they please call his wife and kids. They are very worried because they haven’t seen him for a while and have apparently lodged a missing persons report with the police.

There have been images of Rudd on television and in the newspapers, usually smiling and joking, often with toddlers, but there is no proof it is really him. Or anybody, really. He just looks and sounds like a clone of someone he wishes he was.

Like some alien body snatcher he slithered into John Howard’s skin one night towards the end of 2006 and wore it comfortably all the way through the 2007 election to convince people they were electing a fresher, more modern version of Howard.


The cops should have dropped Haneef, and arrested Rudd instead for identity theft.


Rudd shed Howard’s skin as soon as the election was over, and ever since he has been sliding around desperately looking for someone else’s skin to crawl into.

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