Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Relevance" means I should have been taught only Thomas the Tank Engine and Train Driving for Dummies

I cannot believe that after all the evidence that has accumulated about how this kind of 'relevance' hunting actually hurts the most vunerable kids, ie those from low socio-economic and immigrant backgrounds, most, that it is still being pushed by an educational elite that clearly needs to be sacked en masse.

Teachers aren't there to be the friends with "the kids." They are supposed to be there to pass on an inheritance of great value, not to dish up whatever happens to be fashionable at any particular moment with "the kids."

Another generation of children are going to be short-changed by an education that failed in its duty to challenge them and broaden their horizons and their imaginations.

This is little more than a highly refined type of child abuse.
SHAKESPEARE has been dumped from an HSC English course to make the subject more relevant to students.

The English Studies course has abandoned classical works in favour of contemporary texts such as Catcher In the Rye and movies such as The Matrix and is being piloted in 75 high schools for senior students who have no plans to go on to university.
Aah, the old “relevance” argument. Part of my youth was spent in a railway town on the Nullarbor plain, among the children of fettlers. “Relevance” means that I and my fellow students should have been taught nothing more than Thomas the Tank Engine and Train Driving for Dummies.

(Thanks to reader CA.)

A fashionable and destructive shame-Australia myth is to be bracketted with Anzac Day for impressionable Year three students:
The draft curriculum shows students in year 3 will learn about national celebrations and days of significance ”including Australia Day, Anzac Day, Sorry Day”.

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