Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Bolter blogs K R Puff'n'Fluff's return to Insiders

Kevin Rudd ends his ban on Insiders.

First question from Barrie Cassidy is on whether Peter Garrett is now just a vice-minister.

The answer is pure spin about Garrett needing to concentrate on his core responsibilities. Making Garrett seem like he’s got bigger fish fo fry is not the message he needs to send, when his spinning and lack of accountability are the issues.

Cassidy is right: the problem isn’t just some failing by a bureacrat but the very notion that the Federal Government should be running such a program at all. As he says:
If you can’t run an insulation program you certainly should not be thinking of running the hospitals.
Rudd’s response? He’s backpedalling now on that bold threat to take over hospitals by this year. Now he stresses that he really wants local control of hospitals.

Barrie: Was last year’s deadline of July for a hospital takeover “ridiculous”?

Rudd: Didn’t realise how hard it was to get things delivered. Offers the excuse of the financial crisis, and says that’s not an excuse (sic).

Barrie: Why did you underestimate how hard it was?

Rudd: ???? Blather.

Barrie: 600 promises was surely too many.

Rudd: But we delivered on many (oh yes?). Says will take a pounding on non-delivery of promises, and admits they deserve it.

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