Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More dishonest alarmism from Oxfam

These people really have turned into total shysters.

A few months ago they released a press release (picked up widely by media outlets without any checking) that claimed that West Timor was facing a disastrous decline in rainfall due to climate change, (so please send money to us).

The "evidence" for this? The opinion of its employee on that half of the island, (apparently East Timor isn't suffering this grave threat to its future for some reason), based upon 13 years of rainfall records.

Yup, that was the sole basis of their press release!

Now it's fucking Tajikistan!

The Tory Ardvaark notes that even in The Guardian there are a number of sceptical comments left by people.

Plus - "One comment makes a point about the 6 figure salary directors of these aid organisations are paid, it is also worth mentioning the fleet of 7 Series BMWs and S Class Mercedes that Oxfam run for it’s directors."

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