Friday, May 21, 2010

Andrew Bolt - Channel 7's shame: excuse for outing "scummy"

Channel 7 news director Peter Meakin’s scummy excuse for outing NSW Transport Minister David Campbell as a gay:

I’m not saying they are not a happy family, I’m not saying they don’t love each other, I’m saying there’s another side to this man’s life which has been kept under wraps for 25 years. Are the electorate entitled to know it?
Disgusting. Meakin even concedes he has not the slightest evidence that Campbell had an unhappy family life, and that the Christmas cards he sent were a lie. For all we know Campbell loved his wife and children, and for Meakin to suggest otherwise is a gross impertinence. Who appointed him judge, anyway?

And what a hypocrite. He pretends to outrage that Campbell’s family life isn’t as happy as a Christmas card suggests, and then does his absolute level best to ensure that it isn’t.

Speaking of hypocrites, here’s David Marr, fulminating over the outing of a Labor politician:
Yet here’s the same David Marr, trying to justify his own role in outing - and smearing - a conservative broadcaster:

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