Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh, so it's kinder to entice 160 refugees to drown at sea? Your "kindness" is killing people!

This is the problem with witless moral poseurs who think their emotions are facts.

Oh, the outrage at Tony Abbott’s new plan to stop the trade in boat people:
Immigration Minister Chris Evans has described the Coalition’s asylum seeker policy as a ”grab bag of prejudices” that will punish those seeking refuge and not stop people smuggling…

The return to a policy similar to the Howard government’s so-called Pacific solution has also been attacked by refugee advocates as well as Australian of the Year Patrick McGorry…

Senator Evans has accused the Coalition of wanting to punish people seeking asylum and of “whipping up public fear”.  He also described the promise to return to temporary protection visas as “a cruel hoax"…

Amnesty International’s Australian director, Claire Mallinson, says the Opposition’s policy shows political self-interest is being put above human rights.
But, oh, the silence at the deaths of those lured here by Kevin Rudd’s more “humane” policies:

Speaking to a Senate estimates committee, Customs and Border Protection chief Michael Carmody said authorities had “credible information” the boat set out for Australia from Indonesia about October 2 last year.

The boat, if it existed, has not been seen since. Mr Carmody said it was possible the boat had returned to Indonesia.

But privately officials have told The Australian it is far more likely the boat sank, resulting in the loss of all aboard.

Relatives of those on board the vessel have so far heard nothing, suggesting those on board are dead.
Add those deaths to the 59 I’ve counted already, with refugee activists saying next to nothing about the great lure that had these people taking again to the boats.

In fact, the argument for temporary protection visas has never been stronger. The Rudd Government itself has made the case for them by freezing asylum seeker applications from Sri Lankans as it became clear that they are fleeing from not much any more, now that the civil war ended a year ago. Circumstances have changed, and many of the Sri Lankans now in custody find their chances of staying here - even under Rudd - are now much less. That’s the argument for TPVs, right there.

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